Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 005 “Kluh Smashes Verily!”

Originally published on February 20, 2011.

Our fifth show is here, just in time to celebrate Cape Town Community Podcast’s first month birthday! We hope you enjoy the show — we have been hard at work, trying to make this a fun and informative listening experience. Also, later this week we will be airing our first Cape Town Extra Podcast featuring a review of the All-Star Superman movie.

We apologize in advance to all of our female listeners this week. Smiley face.

In this episode we finally admit that we can’t produce a weekly program that clocks in under an hour and a quarter—so sit back and enjoy our reviews, news, and divergences!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:03:25 The Amazing Spider-Man #654.1: We thought this was a strong start for the new Venom title—but perhaps it might not be the best example of a Point One Initiative book.
00:11:48 We break out into an impromptu Flashpoint discussion.
00:14:00 Justice League f America #54: Neither of us were ecstatic about this issue with the JLA—Jerry likes the team while Don takes the time to create his JLA Dream Team.
00:23:08 Green Lantern #62: We both agreed that this is a good book, however Don wonders when the story will conclude. Jerry share his thoughts on Hal Jordan’s state of mind.
00:31:44 Hulk #30: Loved it. Period.
00:37:57 Supergirl #61: Though Nick Spencer was not involved with this issue, but we didn’t seem to notice any change in the quality of this book. Go James Peaty!
00:43:37 Jennifer Blood #1: Don thought this was a strong start for Garth Ennis latest crime mini.
00:50:07 Thunderbolts #153: If you hate Hyperion, you will love this book.
00:57:25 Uncanny X-Force #5: Don is immensely enjoying a title with Deadpool in it.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:02:46 Jerry and Don discuss the acting merits of Adrianne Palicki—the new Wonder Woman.
01:08:25 We discuss our thoughts on the release of the new Thor trailer.
01:11:28 Is Avi Arad pulling our leg? We both have opinions on his Amazing Spider-Man comments.
01:16:26 We question the excitement around Shane Black as the director the third installment of Iron Man.
01:22:08 Marvel announces their new “Big Shots” titles.

Closing Discussion
01:26:48 Our first “Very Special Episode” is coming this week! We’ll be reviewing the new All-Star Superman movie.

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