Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 004 “Justice Mjolnir Style”

Originally published on February 13, 2011.

Our fourth Podcast is ready just in time to wrap it up and present it as a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for the girl who has everything!

We thought most of this week’s books were good, but were surprised by the turnaround on Superman.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:03:05 Wolverine #5.1: Don and Jerry both agreed that this was a stronger issue without the party scene.
00:11:30 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man#153: Don was hoping for a little more training in the training sequences, but this was still a good issue of UCSM.
00:17:48 The Flash #9: Don liked this issue more than Jerry, but both agreed that Hot Pursuit is not a spectacular superhero name.
00:26:20 Batman and Robin #20: Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason are off to a strong start—but will it end too soon?
00:33:51 Ultimate Comics New Avengers vs. The Ultimates #1: We noticed some continuity gaffes but enjoyed the story—especially the art by Leinil Yu.
00:40:52 Batgirl #18: Jerry enjoyed the story more than Don, but we agreed that this book is the pleasant antithesis of most of the Bat books.
00:50:24 Superman #708: Finally! A good issue of the “Grounded” storyline!

Cape Town News Discussion
01:02:58 We’re excited that Michael Rosenbaum is reprising his role as Lex Luthor for the Smallville series finale!
01:08:28 We discuss what happened with the San Diego Comic-Con ticket fiasco and how attendees might be compensated for their troubles.
01:12:15 Don and Jerry are on opposite sides in terms of the FF’s new costumes. Jerry thinks Spidey looks like Storm Shadow.
01:17:17 We discuss outgoing Secret Avengers writer Ed Brubaker and his replacement: Nick Spencer.
01:18:47 We’re holding off for a high school production of the Spider-Man the musical.

Closing Discussion
01:23:30 Jerry asks Don if a villain on this week’s episode of Young Justice was reminiscent of a certain wall-crawler.
01:26:48 A bit of begging.

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