Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 006 – “Voices Really Do Carry!”

Originally posted on February 27, 2011.

Here we are folks! Our sixth episode is published and ready for you to enjoy! Jerry and Don decided to honor the Academy Awards by displaying just a few of their amazing voices: Reed Richards, Storm, Wonder Woman, Spider-Man, some French dude… and many more!

Because you demanded it! Jerry and Don sporadically bring out their spectacular impressions of your favorite heroes!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:02:28 Iron Man 2.0 #1: We both agreed that the source material might be what kept us from being bowled over by Nick Spencer’s latest Marvel entry.
00:09:59 Who is Jake Ellis #2: The mysteries continue to mount in this exciting new title.
00:16:04 Action Comics #898: Paul Cornell continues to impress us with his exciting take on an obsessed Lex Luthor.
00:23:45 Captain America #615: Another solid issue by Ed Brubaker and team (especially Bettie Breitweiser) Don and Jerry debate the size of Statue of Liberty’s noggin.
00:30:20 Justice League: Generation Lost #20: We loved Winick’s Max Lord origin.
00:38:20 Mission #1: This new mini might have benefitted from another draft.
00:45:10 Detective Comics #874: Scott Snyder’s run continues to impress on this title.
00:49:41 Fantastic Four #588: Wordy conclusion to the Fantastic Four pleased us both.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:56:57 The rumor mill surrounding the Superman movie is growing week after week, including the possible casting of Kevin Costner and Viggo Mortensen.
01:04:01 Spidey’s lack of sense does not upset us and Don does a spot-on Reed Richards.
00:08:27 Marvel’s X-Men teaser have us X-cited.
01:11:54 We discuss the passing of Dwayne McDuffie.

Closing Discussion
01:16:45 We breakout into a discussion of superhero voices.

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