Welcome to the Comics Authority blog! Comics Authority features reviews of collected editions and original graphic novels, both popular and off the beaten path. The objective of this site is to provide detailed and insightful reviews of books that run the gamut from superhero to sci-fi to horror to crime to drama and so on. Comics Authority also features essays on a myriad of comic book related subjects, as well as ongoing columns titled “Fantastic Firsts”, in which we look at the first appearances of any number of popular characters or books, and “Flashback Issue Bin”, in which we discuss books that left a significant impact on our childhood.

Don Ventura

DMV_CAI started this website because I love comic books as a storytelling medium.  I also love the discussion of comic books and I am hopeful that you will enjoy nosing around the reviews and offering feedback on anything you feel I got right, wrong or otherwise. I’ve been blogging about comic books since 2010 and co-hosted a comic book podcast for almost two years, so I suppose it’s now in my blood to want to share my thoughts on what I’m reading with whomever is interested.


Keith Dooley

KJD_CAHi everyone! My name is Keith and welcome to our blog, where I’ll be expressing my passion and love for comic books. Look for a review of a graphic novel or collected edition every Wednesday and an essay that is in some way comic book-related on Fridays. I hope to enlighten, as well as entertain, our blog’s followers and possibly open the eyes of someone who has avoided comic books and transform them into an avid, life-long reader.


Because we’re only human, if you find any inaccuracies or links that don’t work, we would appreciate it if you would be so kind as to drop us a line. We sincerely hope you enjoy what you find here at Comics Authority and that you follow the page through Twitter, Facebook or by subscribing via email!


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