Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 002 “H.E.R.B.I.E. Lives!”

Originally published on January 31, 2011

Don and Jerry are ready for their second show! A show full of words to mispronounce!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:01:50 Fantastic Four #587: Don and Jerry discuss the death of the Human Torch (as if you didn’t know by this point).
00:11:20 Detective Comics #873: We are loving Scott Snyder and Jock’s work on Detective.
00:16:40 The New Avengers #8: We both enjoyed Bendis’ dialogue in this issue, but found the attack by the Doombot to be a tad too random.
00:23:05 X-Men #7: We agree on a fourth book this week! We were happy to see that the X-Men are acting like heroes but felt that they should have thought twice about their sewer wear.
00:31:00 Age of X: Alpha #1: Don and Jerry did not agree on the book. Jerry thought this issue might have been a bit too deeply tied to X-Men mythos.
00:38:52 Thunderbolts #152: Jerry hates the addition of King Hyperion. Don is ambivalent. We both agree that Jeff Parker is writing a great team book.
00:45:25 Teen Titans #92: We’re excited about this book but believe that J.T. Krul has a big problem with super villain names!
00:50:50 Captain Marvel #1: This book is an all around clunker.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:54:55 We’re excited about Henry Cavill’s being cast as Superman!
00:57:56 Our thoughts on the 14 “Flashpoint” titles. 14.
01:03:10 We discuss the end of “Wizard” magazine.
01:05:53 San Diego Comic-Con Tickets are finally going on sale again and Don can’t wait for new cosplay photo ops!
01:08:32 We are unexpectedly happy to hear about a new Venom book.
01:12:11 The “Thor” script review appears all to briefly.

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