Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 001 “Pilot”

Originally published on January 23, 2011

Don and Jerry introduce themselves and the describe the show to the listeners.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:02:54 Supergirl #60: We both thought this was a strong opener to Nick Spencer/James Peaty-penned story. We both approved of Bernard Chang’s fantastic pencils.
00:12:05 The Amazing Spider-Man: We felt this arc is off to a stronger start than the first. We could not say enough about Stefano Caselli’s artwork (especially in the climax of the book).
19:47 Superior #4: We are both surprised to be enjoying both the art and writing of this Mark Millar/Leinil Yu title.
29:38 Memoir #1: Neither of us were big on the first issue of this six issue mini. Wonderful cover by Cassaday though.
34:12 Power Girl: Jerry proclaimed that Power Girl is his favorite “Super” book. Don loves the coloring by Sunny Gho.
42:35 Morning Glories #6: Don has been a huge fan of this book, but felt the last story of the current arc fell a little flat.
46:21 Invincible Iron Man #500: Don enjoyed the book. Jerry was a bit bored. Both had fun with an elderly Mandarin bedding (at least) five chicks.
50:45 Superman/Batman #80: Both of us got a kick out of the silliness of this issue—Don hopes this is not Roberson’s typical writing style.

Cape Town News Discussion
55:40 Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy in The Dark Knight Rises: We both are happy with the casting choices and Don ribs Jerry on his movie tastes.
58:57 Comics Code Authority Seal of Approval: We ponder a world without the valued Comics Code Authority.
1:02:57 Black Panther movie announcement: We both seemed excited for a Black Panther movies (but only momentarily).
1:06:30 Marvel decides to publish Fantastic Four #587 a day early: Don thinks the current run on Fantastic Four is fantastic. Jerry has a few thoughts on this.
1:09:25 Comic Movie Photos: We both have some opinions for the fanboys who are so quick to judge the onslaught of comic book movie photos released over the past week.

1:15:40 Closing Comments

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