Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 003 “The Dearth of Superman”

Originally published on February 6th, 2011.

Our third Podcast is up just in time to provide alternative entertainment for those of you who aren’t interested in that Super Bowl thing!

There’s a lot of Superman-related discussion this week. Unfortunately it isn’t all so super. But there were some good titles to be read in this relatively slow comic book week.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:05:02 Superman 80-Page Giant: Don and Jerry were not bowled over by the stories featured in this issue, but there was impressive art by CAFU and Trevor McCarthy.
00:12:58 Invincible Iron Man #500.1: While Don enjoyed this origin issue, he wasn’t certain that the book achieved what was necessary for Marvel’s Point One Initiative.
00:17:58 Invincible #77: Jerry’s favorite book of the week was the conclusion of the “Viltrumite War” storyline. He was a little disappointed but got enough payoff to be happy with the results.
00:24:35 Freedom Fighters #6: Don has loved this hidden treasure of a book.
00:30:32 The Amazing Spider-Man #653: Stefano Caseli impresses again with his spectacular artwork.
00:35:11 Ultimate Thor #6: Jerry thinks this cinematic take on Thor might work better as a trade, but both agree Jonathan Hickman and Carlos Pacheco are telling a great story.
00:42:00 Superboy #4: Jerry thinks the book is okay. Don is less enthused about the title. Both agree that Pier Gallo’s artwork is not working.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:50:35 Don and Jerry discuss Hugh Jackson’s preparation for Wolverine.
00:54:14 Who is the new female role for the new Superman film. We recorded before we knew it was Ursa!
00:58:44 Some liberties appear to have been taken according to the script review of David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman pilot. Extra: The Lake Placid battle begins here.
01:02:22 Don and Jerry offer their impersonations of Samuel L. Jackson “spoiling” his sidekick casting news.
01:06:55 The Cape is another superhero series that may be on its last leg.

Closing Discussion
01:13:47 Don offers up his Cosplay ideas for his first Comic-Con.

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