Cape Town Extra: “Best of 2011”


Originally published on December 30, 2011.

The episode you’ve been waiting all year for! At just shy of three (informative and entertaining) hours, we’re giving you enough to listen to as you take down the tree, wait for the Stairmaster at the recently clogged gym, take back those “thoughtful” gifts, and so much more over the long holiday weekend.

We discuss the best books (new and ongoing), writers, artists, mini-series, one-shots and more—and damn—it was a great year for comic books folks! We also share some our favorite clips from our first year of episodes and get a few digs in on the books we didn’t love.

Best of the Year Discussion
00:09:04 Best Mini-Series
00:21:12 Don and Jerry discuss Lake Placid, DC protestors and Miles Morales.
00:25:58 Best One-Shots
00:38:09 We discuss the Hulk’s sleeping habits, animation voice-overs and Spider-Man’s spider-sense.
00:43:29 Best Comic Book and Television
01:01:32 We feature clips from our Transformers: The Movie and Wonder Woman Pilot episodes.
01:09:26 Best Artist
01:19:25 We discuss comic circle misunderstandings, bad reviews and homeless listeners.
01:22:29 Best Writers
01:38:08 We discuss the Grey Gargoyle, the Scarlet Witch’s costume, and John Romita Jr.’s Fantastic Four #600 teaser.
01:41:58 The Worst of the Year
02:00:23 Hitting milestones, Aquaman’s theme song and whathisface from Non-Player.
02:02:39 Best New Series
02:16:25 We discuss Bryan Singer’s and Superman Returns, Mr. June Brigman’s artwork and finding kryptonite.
02:21:54 Best Series
02:38:13 We discuss being the comic book View, music producer Dr. Fitzpop McGee, selling out and the Hannah Montana.

Song “I Love to Singa”
Owl Jolson

Runtime: 02:46:05

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