Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 052 “Saying Goodbye”

Originally published on August 13, 2012.

At two and a half hours, we may have decided to call our last episode “The Long Goodbye”. Don and Jerry are sending you off with a few laughs, some memories, a bit of background on the show, comic book discussion (of course), and talk about what’s next for the infotainers. We’ve had a blast for the last twenty months and we hope we put out a show that you will remember with fondness. We both thank you all for listening!

Cape Town Jibber Jabber
00:06:50 Jerry and Don discuss Jerry’s Floridian nuptials.
00:19:18 Don and Jerry share their thoughts on The Dark Knight Rises and the Man of Steel trailer.
00:27:03 Don didn’t get married, but he did go to the Orange County Fair!
00:32:19 Jerry shares his thoughts on Olympians. Don agrees.
00:39:17 Why we’re saying goodbye.
00:43:35 Okay, we said it wasn’t retrospective, but we start retrospecting.
01:04:40 What’s next for Don?
01:11:51 We’re talking about one comic book for our final episode: Matthew Todd and Jonathan Case’s Mysteryman: All About Eve.
01:15:47 Don and Jerry discuss the books they can’t wait to read.
01:27:57 We discuss the Newsarama article which called Christopher Reeve one of the worst superhero performances of all time.
01:31:14 It’s time to rank the three comic book summer movies.
01:35:16 From Justice League to Ant-Man, there are a ton of comic book movies on the horizon that have us excited.
01:48:37 We’re ready for a final round of “Five Questions with Don and Jerry”.
02:21:43 It’s time to wrap this mother up.

Song “Saying Goodbye”
The Muppets

Runtime: 02:35:11

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