Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 049 “Things That Make You Go Hurm”


Originally published on July 4, 2012.

Don is joined by Max Beckman in this (late) episode as they talk, talk and talk comics. We’ve got the lowdown on the latest Before Watchmen book and question whether or not we still think the project was a good idea or not. We’ve also got reviews of the latest comics and discussion of the latest in comic book news.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:13:19 Before Watchmen: Comedian #1: Don thought this was the best of the Before Watchmen minis, while Max was left somewhat cold.
00:18:31 Before Watchmen: Nite Owl #1: We both agree that the Kuberts worked magic together, but DC’s editorial staff needs to grow a backbone.
00:30:52 Wonder Woman #10: We both agree that this is one of DC’s finest titles.
00:37:21 Batman: The Dark Knight #10: Don thinks this is the best issue of the series (including Vol. 1), but Max questions the need for another Batman book.
00:42:51 Mars Attacks #1: We were both unimpressed with John Layman’s series opener.
00:45:33 Saga #4: Brilliant.
00:50:30 Astonishing X-Men #51: We love what was accomplished in this issue, but we don’t know if Marjorie Liu’s writing is as compelling as it ought to be.
00:57:57 Avengers vs. X-Men #6: Best of the bunch folks.
01:06:10 Punisher #12: Are you still not reading this book? You deserve to be punished.
01:09:32 Justice League #10: We dig it, but we’re finding some holes in the story.
01:13:52 Amazing Spider-Man 688: Don was not wowed by this Lizard-centric issue.
01:17:59 Hit-Girl #1: We agree that this book feels more like a Kick-Ass book than anything else.
01:21:46 Spider-Men #2: There nothing to hate in Brian Michael Bendis’ crossover adventure.
01:25:15 Batman Incorporated #2: Grant Morrison at his best.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:30:00 Spidey gets a sidekick.
01:33:26 Ed Brubaker wraps things up at Marvel.
01:36:33 Tony Daniel is leaving Detective Comics.
01:38:23 Is Dark Knight poised for an Avengers-sized opening?
01:40:31 Is Marvel ready to announce a Guardians of the Galaxy film?
01:44:43 George Perez did not have a super time on Superman.

Song “Wild Soul”
Langhorne Slim, The Law

Runtime: 01:57:12

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