Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 047 “A Cape Town Commusical”


Originally published on May 20, 2012.

Don and Jerry are joined again by the Jason Inman ( for a round of comic book reviews and news discussion. Jason proves that he has more than comic knowledge to bring to the table—he’s got a flair for on-the-spot theme-song composition! So sit back, relax and enjoy some laughs, some music, and fair-ish discussion of Rob Liefeld comic books.

Cape Town Hullaballoo
00:02:07 Jason and Jerry share stories from Jason’s recent “The Origin of the Avengers” video.
00:06:55 The boys discuss their thoughts on the CW’s new Arrow series.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:22:34 Earth 2 #1: We all got a kick out of Earth 2, but Jason questions if we got enough of the new cast.
00:29:16 World’s Finest #1: Jerry feels the Power Girl/Huntress title is the strongest of DC’s Second Wave.
00:36:03 Dial H #1: There is little fault to find in this revival of Dial “H” for Hero.
00:40:19 GI Combat #1: Nobody was blown away, but we all agree this book did not deserve the negative reviews it’s been receiving.
00:47:16 Higher Earth #1: Interesting concept, but the art lost us and there wasn’t enough to bring us back for a second issue.
00:52:13 Frankenstein Alive, Alive #1: Don and Jerry are taken with Steve Niles’ take on Frankenstein, and we all agree that Bernie Wrightson’s pages are fantastic.
00:55:02 Punisher #1: We can’t all agree on whether zombies and Punishers mix well.
00:59:13 Dancer #1: We all agree that the hook at the end of this issue is enough for us to pick up the next book.
01:04:31 Hardcore #1: Jerry and Don found a lot to enjoy in this former Pilot Season entry.
01:09:10 Fantastic Four #605.1: This Point One shows off the talents of Jonathan Hickman above all else.
01:13:31 The Incredible Hulk #7.1: Jerry and Don loved Jason Aaron’s day in the life of a Hulk story.
01:20:02 Deathstroke #9: If you don’t know what we think about this one, then thanks for listening—it’s obviously your first episode!
01:28:30 Youngblood #71: From the writer of… The Black Swan?

Cape Town News Discussion
01:32:47 We discuss the Avengers phenomenon and wonder where Marvel will go next.
01:42:04 There are rumors that Scott Lobdell is going to take on Superman. How do we feel about that?
01:47:38 What Superman books would we like to see come out of the New 52?
01:49:44 What happens one year after the New 52?
01:51:14 What book would we like to see come out of the Third Wave?
01:55:45 Squirrels. Yes, squirrels.
01:58:48 Jerry and team discuss film criticism.

Song “On the Road”

Runtime: 02:05:30

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