Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 044 “Stay Classy Seattle”


Originally published on April 4, 2012.

Con season is upon us and Max is on hand to share plenty of fun stories from the Emerald City Comic Con is Seattle. We’re sharing our stories from the panels and the Con floor as well as reviewing some of the best books from the last two weeks. So sit back, put your feet up and, above all, stay classy.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:17:45 Super Crooks #1: Another solid offering from Mark Millar and Leinil Yu.
00:24:58 Justice League #7: Gene Ha can fill in on this book whenever he wants.
00:35:58 Wonder Woman #7: We agree on a lot about this book—especially that Amazons could be nicer.
00:41:41 Amazing Spider-Man #682: Dan Slott ought to write this book as long as he wants.
00:48:37 Avengers: X-Sanction #4: Max sees the flaws in the series but enjoyed it for its light fare.
00:56:18 John Carter: Gods of Mars #1: Sam Humphries story is good, but Ramon Perez’s artwork is astonishing.
01:03:08 Smoke and Mirrors #1: Abracaborebra.
01:08:12 Hoax Hunters #0: In a sea of new titles being published recently, this title is going to have to improve greatly to be noticed.
01:16:25 American Vampire #25: You want to be surprised? This issue has some good ones.
01:23:37 New Deadwardians #1: We rather enjoyed this bloody book.
01:28:41 Bloodstrike #1: This book is an homage to the 90’s. That isn’t a compliment.
01:35:44 Avengers vs. X-Men #0: While the book doesn’t feel necessary to read prior to the big event, we enjoyed Brian Michael Bendis and Jason Aaron’s stories.
01:42:37 Uncanny X-Force #23: Gut-wrenching. And damn good.

Cape Town Emerald City Comic Con Discussion
01:50:33 Arriving in Seattle and soaking in culture and Starbucks.
01:56:34 Marvel’s Breaking into Comics.
01:57:58:00 DC’s All Access.
02:01:42 ECCC Spotlight on Rick Remender.
02:03:39 Crime in Comics with Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka.
02:05:20 Marvel’s Pint O’ C.B.
02:06:30 DC’s New 52.
02:10:42 Marvel’s AvX.
02:13:14 ECCC Spotlight on Francis Manapul.
02:15:25 DC Art Masters: Drawing DC Comics with Francis Manapul and Greg Capullo
02:18:46 Marvel’s Next Big Thing.
02:23:21 Don and Max discuss the goodies they got on the Con floor.
02:31:46 Jay and Silent Bob Get Old

Song “Movin’ Right Along”
Alkaline Trio

Runtime: 2:38:40

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