Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 043 “Drowsy Tales from a Con”


Originally published on March 18, 2012.

We were tired this week thanks to two full days at WonderCon! But that didn’t stop us from putting a couple of microphones in front of our faces to bring on the noise and the funk! We’ve got another big batch of new creator-owned titles to discuss and almost an hour of WonderCon stories!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:08:14 Action Comics #7: We’re digging this man of action!
00:17:06: Saga #1: For lovers of great comic books.
00:22:58 Avengers Assemble #1: The book needs to be disassembled.
00:26:09 Fairest #1: Worry not dear readers, Fairest is as good as it is accessible.
00:29:43 Green Arrow #7: The story is fine, the art is great, the words—not so much.
00:33:53 Age of Apocalypse #1: We thought the book was good, but Don felt it was geared more for the X-fans.
00:38:19 The Manhattan Projects #1: Jonathan Hickman is working more magic with this new creator-owned work.
00:43:14 Hell Yeah #1: Don’t let the name turn you off—this book is Hella good.
00:48:11 Superbia #1: Don enjoyed the fun of this title more than Jerry, but both agree that not everything felt fresh.
00:53:54 Fatale #3: Don is still getting a kick out of this supernatural noir tale.
00:58:10 Saucer Country #1: Paul Cornell brings more oddball goodness to comics.
01:01:24 Avengers: Children’s Crusade #9: Allan Heinberg wraps everything up nicely before we head into AvX.

Cape Town WonderCon Discussion
01:08:52 Our first impressions of the Con Floor.
01:12:20 Don tells the tale of his Stan Lee autograph.
01:18:23 We met Scott Snyder!
01:23:48 Jerry was not bowled over by the panels.
01:27:51 Don discuss Marvel’s ReEvolution and shares his experiences reading the first offering from Marvel Comics Infinite. Get excited kids!
01:35:00 We shares stories about the cosplayers we met as well as the fine folks we ran into.
01:45:49 We got to see Superman vs. the Elite! Woot.

Song “Everybody Talks”
Neon Trees

Runtime: 02:02:18

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