Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 042 “The Wonders of Weddings and Working”


Originally published on March 4, 2012.

Well it’s been a month since Don and Jerry have yammered together so they do a bit of catching up before getting down to comic talk. The two discuss Jerry’s impending nuptials, their thoughts on the new Avengers trailer, discuss Comic Book Men and The Walking Dead. When the discussion finally turns to comics, the boys don’t seem to want to agree on all of the books they read. Worry not dear listeners, everything remains amicable.

Cape Town Catch-Up
00:05:33 Jerry explains his pre-wedding adventures with his fiancée at Disney World.
00:13:05 Don and Jerry gab about that amazing Avengers trailer.
00:19:01 We share our notes on Comic Book Men, Smash and The Walking Dead.
00:29:11 Don and Jerry lay out their social network activities.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:33:27 Invincible #89: Jerry and Don are excited for the book’s new direction.
00:39:31 No Place Like Home #1: Who died? Oh yeah, the protagonist’s rents.
00:44:11 Fantastic Four #603: Sure there’s a lot going on, but we’re still having fun.
00:47:22 Aquaman #6: Jerry enjoyed the new adventures of Aquawoman more than Don.
00:50:59 Teen Titans #6: Grymm made us groan—but we’re loving the rest.
00:56:39 Secret Avengers #23: Now this is how to do the death of a hero.
01:01:27 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #7: Chris Samnee is back in top form.
01:06:15 The Cape #4: Jason Ciaramella and Zach Howard land this one in nicely.
01:09:58 Justice League #6: Don may be alone in his enjoyment of the conclusion of the team’s first adventure.
01:18:17 Moon Knight #10: Jerry deals with the death that really, really happened.
01:22:57 Ultimate Comics X-Men #10: Don and Jerry are at odds again over another Nick Spencer book.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:30:07 We speculate about the creative changes at Marvel.
01:35:36 Now we’re ready to speculate about what really might be happening on the new Earth 2 series.
01:44:58 We discuss what’s going down at WonderCon in Anaheim and share some Con stories.

Cape Town Jibber Jabber
02:06:15 Don and Jerry provide a window into their work lives.

Song “Carry On”

Runtime: 02:22:21

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