Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 039 “A Dirty Bleeping Show”


Originally published on January 22, 2012.

We’ve used some racy dialogue in previous episodes—once we found it necessary to bleep ourselves—but we’re apologizing now for some of the foul language we found necessary to discuss Last of the Great #4. Don’t listen with the kids Dad! Don’t listen with your Mom kids! And don’t listen with Fox news… uh… watchers of Fox News! We have a massive stack of books to discuss and a whole lot of news as well, so sit back and enjoy our bleeping show!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:08:59 Batman #5: While the book was a difficult digital read, there’s no disputing Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo’s amazing story.
00:14:16 Supergirl #5: Jerry is enjoying the pace of this new take on the Girl of Steel.
00:19:26 Prophet #21: Don was surprised at the quality of this new Extreme title.
00:25:59 Amazing Spider-Man #677 and Daredevil #8: Mark Waid brought humor, action and fun to his Spider-Man/Daredevil crossover.
00:29:41 Catwoman #5: Though not as great as Power Girl, we’re still having fun with Judd Winick’s Catwoman.
00:33:25 Venom #12: Don and Jerry are torn on this symbiote story.
00:39:23 Secret Avengers #21: There is much to love with Warren Ellis’ final issue.
00:44:01 Superior #7: We agree that there is one supernatural weakness to the overall story.
00:48:09 Journey Into Mystery #633: We’re glad to be back on board with ‘lil Loki.
00:51:18 Wolverine and the X-Men #4: Don is absolutely loving the art of Nick Bradshaw.
00:54:34 Carnage USA #2: Don and Jerry are in agreement on this symbiote story.
00:58:12 Last of the Greats #4: Let the potty talk begin. We loved it by the way.
01:03:53 Scarlet Spider #1: We both enjoyed the introduction of a new Spider-Man. And he’s a clone!

Cape Town News Discussion
01:07:30 DC cancels six of their New 52 titles.
01:09:52 Rob Liefeld is hired for three different DC books.
01:17:58 DC announces their Second Wave of books.
01:25:23 DC is increasing the page count on Batman and Detective Comics, adding follow-up stories on both.
01:29:33 Marvel has a string of “Next Big Thing” press calls.
01:39:00 Twentieth Century Fox is in the early stages of a Fantastic Four reboot.
01:44:50 FX not certain about the future of their Powers pilot.
01:49:37 The CW greenlights Arrow—a Green Arrow inspired pilot.
01:52:46 AMC announces a 16-episode Season 3 of The Walking Dead.
01:56:40 DC unveiled their new logos.

Song “Fallen Empires”
Snow Patrol

Runtime: 02:09:39

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