Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 038 “Ain’t No Love Like Geek Love”


Originally published on January 8, 2012.

It’s a new year and romance is in the air! As well as catching up on the last three weeks of comic books, Jerry and Don are also excited to talk about the wonderful new TLC series Geek Love and talk about Jerry’s summer wedding. It’s also been a big week for comic book movie rumors—who are the rumored villains who might appear in The Avengers and Superman: Man of Steel? That’s right folks, we’re addressing the stories that The View won’t!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:16:51 Action Comics #5: Superman’s origin has been told a million times and Don and Jerry are happy to read it again.
00:25:03 Fatale #1: Jerry and Don disagree on Ed Brubaker’s supernatural noir mini-series.
00:28:43 Avengers Annual #1: Undoubtedly, Brian Michael Bendis and Gabrielle Dell’Otto present a fun, fun read.
00:33:19 Hulk #47: After a brief hiatus, we’re glad to be reading the Red Goliath again.
00:37:33 American Vampire #22: Scott Snyder offers up an excellent and surprising jumping on point.
00:41:58 Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #8: After a year and a half, we’re still loving this great book.
00:45:27 Justice League Dark #4:
00:50:07 Captain American #6: We’re at odd again, as Jerry just can’t get behind Cap and Hawkeye’s acrobatics or villains with robes.
00:54:24 Wonder Woman #4: Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang have produced the best issue yet of their wonderful new book.
01:01:36 Fantastic Four #601: Come on. You got a little choked up didn’t you?
01:07:01 Amazing Spider-Man #676: The Sinister Six get a spectacular treatment.
01:11:17 Wolverine and the X-Men #3: Jason Aaron is giving us a fresh, fresh mutant book.
01:14:41 Blackhawks #4: Mike Costa’s book takes a great leap in terms of the quality as we get some excellent character moments.
01:18:17 The Cape #3: We sure hope you get your hands on The Cape—it’s freaking great!

Cape Town News Discussion
01:22:39 Movie Rumor #1 Will we hear Bane this summer?
01:27:05 Movie Rumor #2 Will Bradley Cooper play Superman’s arch-nemesis?
01:29:39 Movie Rumor #3 Will another villain cause problems for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes?
01:32:08 We’re upset too that The Walking Dead webisodes aren’t going to be made.
01:36:19 Pandora’s her name, but what is her game?
01:39:08 Marvel comes out on top in terms of sales again for the month of December.
01:40:37 Avengers vs. X-Men—whose side are you on? And will you attend an event at your local comic shop?
01:47:55 We know very little about the recently announced Morrisoncon—but we’re ready to speculate!

Cape Town General Gibber-Gabber
01:51:15 We’ve watched TLC’s Geek Love and we’re lovin’ it.
02:00:15 We discuss how we’re doing with our New Year’s resolutions a week into 2012.
02:06:04 It’s time to get down to brass tax (whatever that is) and talk about Jerry’s impending wedding.

Song “Something Unusual”
Wolf Gang

Runtime: 02:18:25

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