Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 036 “The Great Muppet Cape Town”


Originally published on December 4, 2011.

We spend a great deal of the show discussing the works of Jonathan Hickman this week but make sure to also get in enough time for some Muppet love. Wait—that doesn’t sound right at all. Okay, towards the end of the episode Don gives the rundown on The Muppets for Jerry. But worry not if you are hear to listen to comic talk! There’s are plenty of good reads that we want to share with you dear listeners. It’s time to get things started, it’s time to—well, you know.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:15:34 Fantastic Four #600: While we enjoyed this book on the whole, we starting to feel really bad for the Big Apple.
00:21:44 FF #12: The FF kids leave the nest and soar in this new direction for the book.
00:26:54 Captain America and Bucky #5: Brubaker, Andreyko, Samnee and Breitweiser come out on top with their final issue of the series.
00:32:55 Flash #3: We’re having a lot of fun with this new Flash series
00:37:35 We break to discuss Face/Off and dubbing foul language in movies.
00:41:52 Ultimate Comics Hawkeye #4: We enjoyed Hickman’s mini-series, but Don likes his heroes a bit more heroic.
00:45:29 Invincible #85: Another strong and surprising turn by Robert Kirkman and guest artist Cory Walker.
00:51:02 Locke and Key: Guide to the Known Keys #1: Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez unlock another corner of their expanding world and the results are incredibly satisfying.
00:55:07 Teen Titans #3 Okay, Bunker—cool power, fine with the representation of a flamboyantly gay character, but the character’s dialogue might need some work.
01:02:01 T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents #1: We enjoyed this—but it’s also a strong argument for a recap page.
01:06:47 Ultimates Comics The Ultimates #4: Hickman has done no wrong on this book.
01:12:55 Daredevil #6: Mark Waid’s got Don hooked on this new take on the Man Without Fear.
Cape Town News Discussion
01:19:15 We discuss the sale of Nicholas Cage’s $2.16 Million payday for the sale of his issues of Action Comics #1.
01:21:56 What if you found Amazing Fantasy #15 in your attic?
01:23:49 Should there be more stories based off of the Watchmen? We chime in.
01:32:24 We’re impressed with the look of the Lizard from The Amazing Spider-Man.

Cape Town Banter
01:38:19 We bring it down and discuss what we learned this week.
01:38:57 Don’s Muppets review and discussion.
01:46:35 Don discusses his disappointment with the most recent issue of Tiny Titans.
01:48:08 Jerry is not yet blown away by Brian Azarello’s Wonder Woman run.
01:53:27 We discuss the extreme viewpoints of fanboys.
02:01:12 We getting ready for our Best of 2011 show. Fear Itself was not the worst of year kids.

Song: “Life’s a Happy Song”
Jason Segel, Peter Linz and Amy Adams

Runtime: 02:07:49

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