Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 035 “One Singular Sensation”


Originally published on November 21, 2011.

Don is flying solo this week and he has a stack of books to discuss from the last two weeks. What is off his pull list, what is he pumped for, and what has him scratching his head? This is as mixed a bag of books as we’ve ever had on the show! Let’s hope this episode isn’t a turkey—but if it is—well this is the week for it!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:11:51 Point One #1: While not a failure, this book didn’t really get us amped for everything that follows.
00:25:45 Avenging Spider-Man #1: Zeb Wells and Joe Mads bring it—and then some!
00:29:50 Uncanny X-Force #17: Flat out, the best X-book being published.
00:33:59 Wolverine #18: And just by a hair, this is the second best X-book being published.
00:37:51 Batgirl #3: Barbara Gordon is a welcome addition to the Bat-family.
00:41:01 Deathstroke #3: This book is having a difficult time arguing that Deathstroke is more than a one-note character.
00:43:41 Ultimate Spider-Man #4: We dare you to find something wrong with this book.
00:47:39 Avengers #19: Capes are welcome on Cap’s new roster!
00:54:05 Thunderbolts #165: Jeff Parker continues to write one of the best team books around.
00:57:47 Ultimate Comics X-Men #4: Great book—needs more pages for four bucks!
01:02:37 Batman #3: Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo are producing one of DC finest titles.
01:06:14 Catwoman #3: It’s time for people to starting to give some love to Judd Winick.
01:09:58 Red Hood & the Outlaws #3: This is far from the Bat-books—but did we get the substance we should have gotten in this issue?
01:14:13 Mudman #1: Paul Grist is a fantastic artist—but the script should have been more self-referential.
01:18:11 Xenoholics #2: With too much to juggle in the story, this book becomes somewhat aimless.
01:20:30 Severed #4: Another perfect issue. And it gets spoiled pretty severely here.

Song “Legal Tender”

Runtime: 01:25:34

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