Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 031 “And We Normally ‘Heart’ Creator-Owned Comics”


Originally published on September 5, 2011.

If this is your introduction to our show you might think we don’t enjoy creator-owned books—but that couldn’t be further from the truth! This was one of those unusual weeks where we weren’t bowled over by what some of the independent publishers put out this week. Fear not dear listeners—we love all sorts ‘o books! This being the big week for DC’s relaunch, we spend some extra time speaking about the goings-down in Flashpoint #5 and, of course, Justice League #1.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:11:35 Flashpoint #5: Though there were some clunky storytelling devices, the heart of this closer makes up for any flaws. But what is DC hinting at in the final pages of this mini-series?
00:23:08 Justice League #1: We’re totally sold on the first issue of DC’s New 52!
00:30:19 Ultimate Comics: Hawkeye #1: Jonathan Hickman presents a thinking man’s action story.
00:34:36 Secret Avengers #16: Max feels that Warren Ellis and Jamie McKelvie have produced one of the best one-shots in years.
00:40:36 Vescell #1: An overstuffed and unsexy mess.
00:46:22 The Rinse #1: We were not smitten with this new noir story by Gary Philips, but we agreed that the art by Marc Laming was excellent.
00:50:28 Epoch #1: Don found little freshness in this new IDW title.
00:54:47 The Rocketeer Adventures #4: We were a little let down with most of what has been a superior tribute-series.
00:59:26 Uncanny X-Force #14: Rick Remender continues pulling from continuity in a wonderful way and Jerome Opena is a welcome return to the book.
01:04:13 Journey Into Mystery #626.1: Another strong Point One issue from Marvel.
01:09:52 Spider-Island: Deadly Hands of Kung Fu #1: Sebastian Fiumara is a welcome addition to Marvel’s arsenal of artists.
01:12:37 The Amazing Spider-Man #668: Dan Slott’s Spider-epic continues to enthrall us.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:17:18 The Wolverine sequel rewrites have us concerned.
01:22:06 WonderCon moves to Anaheim which is good news for these Southen Californian podcasters.
01:25:36 Barry Allen is now a swingin’ single.
01:29:06 AMC picks up Kevin Smith’s reality series Secret Stash.
01:33:24 Captain America film scribes want MODOK, Falcon, Sharon Carter and World War II for the sequel.

Song “The Summer Place”
Fountains of Wayne

Runtime: 01:40:58

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