Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 026 “It’s a Big, Big, Big, Big Week for Comic Books”

Cape Town Title Card -Ep 26

Originally published on July 17, 2011.

Don is joined by Max this week to review a large stack of books. The boys play, whose stack is larger—Max wins with an astounding 42 books last week. Don’s own stack comes in at a mite 27. Nonetheless, that amounts to more reviews for you! Does X-Men: Schism live up to the hype? Does the Captain America relaunch? Or Ultimate Fallout? Or The Red Wing? There were a lot of first issues this week—so sit back and enjoy the reviews!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:05:48 X-Men: Schism #1: Jason Aaron script is excellent offering perfection on each page. Carlos Pacheco’s artwork is great, but what’s up with Wolverine’s head?
00:13:01 Ultimate Fallout #1: Brian Michael Bendis keeps the bar set high as the tragedy of Peter Parker’s death sets in.
00:16:25 Captain America #1: Ed Brubaker and Steve McNiven begin a solid new Captain America run.
00:21:44 The Red Wing #1: Jonathan Hickman has presented a thinking man’s adventure.
00:26:13 FF #6: Max finds this issue gratifying as a fan of Hickman’s body of work. Don thought the lack of FF was not a great choice this early in the run of this new title.
00:30:14 The Amazing Spider-Man #665: Dan Slott presents a new viewpoint into the well-traveled relationship of Peter and May Parker—and it’s fantastic.
00:35:14 The New Avengers #14: Mike Deodato’s artwork is as effective as it’s ever been in this Mockingbird-centric issue.
00:42:00 The Avengers vs. The New Ultimates #6: Ultimate Thor doesn’t mess around.
00:44:43 All Winner’s Squad: Band of Heroes #2: Max is enjoying this Paul Jenkins book more than Don, who isn’t sure the narrative choices are effective.
00:48:48 Crawl to Me #1: There is nothing haunting about this sub-par new horror comic book from IDW.
00:52:19 Ghost Rider #1: Max is happy with Rob Williams’ new Ghost Rider title.
00:54:59 American Vampire: Survival of the Fittest #1: We’re loving the double dose of American Vampire!
00:58:37 Green Lantern #67: We knew part of what was coming at the conclusion of the issue—but Geoff Johns fits in another interesting surprise.
01:01:11 Detective Comics #879: Francesco Francavilla’s artwork is as stunning as ever.
01:05:36 Black Panther: The Man Without Fear #521: A new Hate Monger is in town—and we like him.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:10:24: DC has drawn the line with their DCnU artists. We also discuss double and triple shipping titles each month.
01:17:28: Comic Con prices have gone up—will this affect sales?
01:22:53: Marvel has been teasing a possible new Defenders ongoing series.

Song “Cherry Red”

Runtime: 1:29:51

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