Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 024 “The People vs. DC Comics”

ep 24 title card

Originally published on July 4, 2011.

Happy Fourth everyone! There are plenty of great books to discuss in this week’s latest batch of comics, but the quality of some of the Flashpoint books seems to be winding down.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:07:15 Detective Comics #878: Brilliant—simply brilliant. And don’t you dare jump ahead to the final page.
00:13:40 Avengers: The Children’s Crusade #6: We don’t know where this book is headed, but we’re enjoying the ride.
00:19:34 The Sixth Gun #12: The third arc kicks off with an excellent jumping on point.
00:23:42 Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #11: Get your Guy Gardner fix in this Point One-ish issue.
00:26:17 Fear Itself: The Black Widow #1: Cullen Bunn brings it—but this doesn’t feel like a Fear Itself tie-in.
00:29:41 All Winners Squad #1: Don likes the possibilities here, but Jerry was not sucked into this revisiting of forgotten Timely Comics characters.
00:35:17 Witch Doctor #1: Jerry’s isn’t sure how he felt about this Exorcist meets House take on the supernatural.
00:39:20 Flashpoint: The Canterbury Cricket #1: Thankfully this cricket’s song is short.
00:41:57 Flashpoint: Project Superman #1: Jerry was not totally sold on this Scott Snyder/Lowell Francis title—Don saw more potential. We both agreed that Gene Ha’s artwork was absolutely fine.
00:45:52 Flashpoint: Green Arrow Industries #1: This arrow missed its target.
00:48:25 Hal Jordan #1: For the Flashpoint book we expected the least from, we were totally surprised at how good this issue turned out.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:53:45 Warner Bros. admits a Green Lantern has not yet been decided on yet.
00:56:49 Guillermo Del Toro says that the ABC Hulk series is still in the works.
00:59:16 We doth protest the protesting of the DCnU.
01:03:48 T2or is coming in 2013!

Song “Monday Morning”
Death Cab for Cutie

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