Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 021 “Did You Hear the One About DC Comics? Part 2”

ep 21 title cards

Originally published on June 12, 2011.

Max returns to review the week’s new books with Jerry due to Don’s inability to travel across the country and still make time to read his comic books. Last week we promised a bigger mix of books and that’s what we’ve given you in this episode thanks to the launching of several new ongoings and minis: Ghost Rider, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Mystery Men, Supreme Power and all four Flashpoint crossovers are among the books Jerry and Max will be discussing. Don, Jerry and Max are all on hand for a round table discussion regarding all DC Comics’ latest creative team announcements for their line-wide September relaunch. We offer our thoughts on the new Batman and Superman books, the ancillary books, which creators and titles we’ll miss, and some of the changes that have us scratching our heads.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:09:04 Supreme Power #1: While the book is not as spectacular as what J. Michael Straczynski had accomplished on the title, Jerry and Max were pleased with the small story that Kyle Higgins is writing.
00:12:49 Mystery Men #1: Max loved this new period piece, but Jerry is worried about Marvel’s most famous Canuck making an appearance.
00:15:57 Ultimate Spider-Man #159: Jerry and Max loved the penultimate issue of the “Death of Spider-Man” storyline, despite an oddly placed attempt at a chuckle.
00:18:07 Star Wars: The Old Republic: The Lost Suns #1: While huge fans of all things Star Wars (movies, novels, comics and video games) this might be more enjoyable—but Jerry and Max did not find this book to be accessible at all.
00:21:01 Journey Into Mystery #624: Does Jerry like Loki too much?
00:23:24 Ghost Rider #0.1: Rob Williams has kicked off a strong new Ghost Rider title.
00:26:46 Ka-Zar #1: Max was not bowled over by this new Paul Jenkins-penned book.
00:29:33 Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman #1: Jerry and Max are enjoying this dark take on Aquaman.
00:31:38 Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown #1: Jerry was surprised to find himself enjoying a book starring Frankenstein.
00:34:03 Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #1: Max is, for the most part, enjoying the art of Scott Kolins after his recent work on The Flash.
00:36:01 Flashpoint: Deathstroke and the Curse of the Ravager #1: We sure hope you know who Ocean Master is.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:39:14: We discuss our thoughts on the Batman relaunches and the return of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.
00:47:06: We discuss DC’s next generation of writers as well as the integration of the Wildstorm and Vertigo characters in the DCU.
00:53:42: We list one book, one writer and artist we’ll be missing once the new DCU comes along.
00:56:45: We’re happy and not so happy with some of the Superman announcements. We can all agree that Grant Morrison is they guy to write a Superman for the 21st Century.
01:05:24: Our final thoughts on the DC relaunch.

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