Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 017 “Superman Hearts America Again”

ep 17 - title card

Originally published on May 15, 2011.

After an absence of DC books in last week’s episode, we found several titles that we wanted to discuss from the publisher. While we didn’t agree on the quality of all the books, we couldn’t be happier with this week’s Bat-books. You might think that the biggest surprise of the week was the last page of Flashpoint, but no—it was Superman’s re-allegiance with the U.S. of A.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:07:24 Flashpoint #1: Flashpoint is off to a strong start—but we might not be hooked into the entire event based on this first issue.
00:17:56 New Mutants #25: Great concept for this second-tier X-book by Abnett and Lanning.
00:21:45 Flash #12: Don had several problems with Scott Kollins art style on this issue, but Jerry found much to enjoy in this series ender.
00:28:25 Superman #711: Jerry continues to like Chris Roberson’s take on Superman, but Don is done reading the “Grounded” storyline.
00:33:44 Undying Love #2: Don is blown away by this fantastic vampire action tale.
00:38:02 Batgirl #21: We love the charm of Batgirl.
00:41:22 Chew #27: Even though the story jumps by a year, it’s a testament to John Layman’s accessible script that we’re not lost.
00:44:43 New Avengers #12: New Avengers keeps getting better and better.
00:48:12 Batman, Incorporated #6: This terrific issue serves as a great introduction to Grant Morrison’s great book.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:52:35 Our thoughts on NBC not going forward with a Wonder Woman series.
00:58:20 Grant Morrison and Barry Sonnenfeld’s Dominion: Dinosaurs versus Aliens has the 12-year old in us excited.
01:02:10 Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark returns to Broadway!

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