Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 013 “Our Unlucky Episode”

Originally published on April 17, 2011.

Okay, so this is the thirteenth episode. No big whoop. But we’re reviewing the books that came out on April 13th. Double-unlucky whammy, right? To our chagrin, the episode also clocks in at an hour and thirteen minutes. All we’re missing is Felicia Hardy. Nonetheless, we persevere and present a brand spanking new episode in which we discuss all things Nick Spencer, Brian Michael Bendis and Superman!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:05:56 Amazing Spider-Man #658: While the Continuity Police might have problems this issue, we found a lot to love about this FF-centric story.
00:13:40 Superboy #6: Don admits to finally enjoying an issue of Superboy—and a “Reign of Doomsday” story!
00:22:56 Infinite Vacation #2: Nick Spencer is amassing a strong body of work—but this could tie Morning Glories as the best and most creative and pleasing of the bunch.
00:28:50 Ultimate Spider-Man #157: Jerry is enjoying the “Death of Spider-Man” less than Don.
00:33:11 Journey into Mystery #622: Don and Jerry were caught off guard by how good this book was.
00:39:57 The Flash #10: Don feels the story is going nowhere fast.
00:43:57 Steve Rogers: Super Soldier Annual #1: Let’s see more from James Asmus.
00:48:28 Batman and Robin #22: Jerry loved Peter Tomasi’s White Knight storyline, but Don is concerned over the book’s rotating creative teams.
00:54:04 Butcher Baker the Righteous Maker #2: Don does not find this book as provocative as it is intended. However, the art by Mike Huddleston is stunning.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:57:52 We share our thoughts of General Zod as the villain in Superman: The Man of Steel.
01:04:01 Nick Spencer and Emma Rios are taking on a Cloak and Dagger mini.
01:06:30 We’re excited about all of Mark Millar’s newly announced titles.
01:09:40 Nicolas Cage has been reunited with the Cage family heirloom: Action Comics #1.

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