Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 012 “Hammerpalooza”

Originally published on April 10, 2011.

It’s Hammer Week at Marvel! First the Red Skull acquires her new hammer in the Fear Itself opener and her villainy is ignited to the Nth degree. Then Captain America and Frank Simpson take a gaggle of hammers to knock each other silly in one seriously painful looking fight scene from the Ultimate Captain America conclusion.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:08:11 Fear Itself #1: We’re both on board for beginning of Matt Fraction’s accessible event—and Stuart Immonen hits a homerun from beginning to end!
00:15:31 Fear Itself: Homefront #1: Remember how we tell you that you don’t have to buy every event crossover? We should have heeded our own advice.
00:18:42 Ultimate Captain America #4: If you don’t wait for the hammers to hit Earth in next month’s Fear Itself… buy this book!
00:22:59 Amazing Spider-Man Annual #38: Don loved John Layman’s take on Spidey, while Jerry was left cold.
00:29:40 Avengers: Children’s Crusade #5: Take your time Allan Heinberg and Jim Cheung. This book has us hooked, even on a bimonthly schedule.
00:38:10 Blue Estate #1: We were left a little lost by the last page of this book, but this a good start to an over-the-top crime title.
00:43:14 Uncanny X-Men #534.1: While not spectacular there’s nothing to complain about with this 0.1 Magneto issue.
00:46:56 Nonplayer #1: Don was impressed with Nate Simpson’s ambitious effort while Jerry was left a little lost with the storytelling.

Cape Town News Discussion
00:52:04 Don is happy with the Eisner nominations for Morning Glories and Locke & Key, but Superboy as Best New Series?
00:58:57 The Deadpool film has found itself a director.
01:01:32 We speculate what the casting of Josh Pence means to The Dark Knight Rises.
01:05:19 We’re excited by the announcement of the Captain America and Bucky book—but Jerry has a better title in mind.!

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