Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 010 “The Brotherhood of the Traveling Pantsless”

Originally published on March 27, 2011.

Another big week of comics leaves us with plenty to discuss on this—our 10th spectacular week! We’re ready to tackle the topics other comics podcasts won’t touch: misguided events, recap pages, and wearing pants are all fair game on this week’s regular-sized episode!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:02:47 We break from tradition and discuss the new Captain America trailer and what it took for Chris Evans to slim down so astonishingly.
00:08:57 FF #1 We both like the start to Jonathan Hickman and Steve Epting’s next chapter for Marvel’s first family.
00:15:20 Ultimate Spider-Man #156 Don is happy all heck for the return of Mark Bagley on this book, but Jerry felt the unfolding story was a bit too obvious.
00:22:42 Justice League: Generation Lost #22 Good book but we’re not sure what’s going on with Wonder Woman. And we make it abundantly clear we don’t understand.
00:29:03 Batman Incorporated #4 We enjoyed Chris Burnham’s art, but we were completely thrown off by the flashback which didn’t feel immediately feel like it followed issue #3. Great silver-age touches by Morrison!
00:36:08 Invincible #78 We warn you—there is a lot of spoiling in Jerry’s review. He loved the aftermath of the Viltrumite War.
00:46:42 Captain America #615.1 One of the stronger 0.1 issues thanks to Ed Brubaker and the incredible Breitweiser art team!
00:53:18 Supergirl #62 We’re still loving James Peaty’s run on this book.
00:56:45 Batman: The Dark Knight #2 DC should seriously consider some way of recapping books when four months pass between printings.
01:01:58 Justice League of America #55 We cannot find anything interesting with the “Reign of Doomsday” storyline.
01:08:43 Thor #620.1 Abnett and Lanning offer up one of the .

Cape Town News Discussion
01:16:29 James Vanderbilt has been hired to write the sequel to 2012’s The Amazing Spider-Man.
01:20:14 Showtime has signed on to adapt “Chew” for television.
01:24:35 DC Nation is coming to the Cartoon Network next year.
01:26:44 Zack Snyder has been cornered over the past week dozens of times with Superman reboot questions—and he’s offered some tidbits.

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