Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 008 “Pain of Doomsday”

Originally published on March 13, 2011.

Episode Ocho is here (an on time!) and we’ve got more of our ever-lovin’ viewpoints to share on comics and comic related news. Of note this week, this was an especially strong week for Brian Michael Bendis who wrote New Avengers #10 and Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #155—good stuff indeed!

We’re back on schedule and we’re making our big announcement at the start of the show if you didn’t stick around to listen to the end last week.

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:05:26 Venom #1 Jerry and Don disagree right out of the starting gate on the inaugural issue of Rick Remender’s take on Venom.
00:14:24 Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #155 There is nothing but adoration to be had for this perfect comic book with glorious Chris Samnee artwork.
00:22:50 Outsiders #37 This book, and the Doomsday “event”, is leaving us extremely cold.
00:33:04 Batman, Incorporated #3 Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette remain at top form on this fun and exciting Batman series.
00:40:05 Batgirl #19 We were left a little underwhelmed by this issue that lacked in the typical Batgirl humor.
00:45:42 New Avengers #10 Another winning issue by Bendis!
00:51:52 Superboy #5 Jerry is enjoying Superboy more month to month, but is not caring for the work of Pier Gallo.
00:59:29 Sigil #1 We’re both aboard for the return of the Cross Gen Universe if the books are going to be of this quality.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:06:30 We’re genuinely excited about DC’s latest Flashpoint announcements.
01:14:13 We promise to review Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld’s The Infinite if when it is released later this year.
01:18:54 Nick Spencer’s exclusive with Marvel has us excited.
01:23:11 Batwoman is delayed again and we ponder why.

Closing Discussion
01:25:54 Jerry has a bone to pick with some of comments made by Marvel’s creators at ECCC.

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