Cape Town Community Podcast: Ep. 007 “Cougars Love Tiger Blood”

Originally published on March 9, 2011.

Good things come to those who wait! Our lucky seventh episode has been put to bed and we’re ready for some serious comic book, cougar, and tiger blood discussion!

We’re happy to be back after some technical problemos prevented us from bringing you the show earlier!

Cape Town Comic Discussion
00:03:42 Axe Cop #1: We loved the absolute ridiculous that made us nostalgic for the days of first-grade of storytelling.
00:11:18 Ultimate Captain America #3: Is Frank Simpson wearing a tattoo or clown make-up? We don’t care, this is a bad-ass villain!
00:18:06 5 Ronin #1: This book was an unexpected surprise by Peter Milligan! We’re on board for this Elseworld-eaque take on some of Marvel’s characters.
00:24:29 Green Lantern #63: Don decides he is cool with Geoff Johns’ sprawling space epic and then we discuss the hotness of Lois Lane.
00:35:39 Heroes for Hire #4: Abnett and Lanning are keeping us happier with a grittier tale than we’re accustomed to from them.
00:41:55 Thunderbolts #154: Jeff Parker brings on the monsters again, this time to do battle with the Man-Thing.
00:47:48 Takio #1: Don found this book to be a disappointing offering from Bendis and Oeming.
00:55:30 Avengers Academy #10: Another strong entry in the long line of Avengers titles. We also ponder Tigra’s sexiness.

Cape Town News Discussion
01:04:14 While there may be some good picks on their way under the Flashpoint banner, we’re left a little cold by many of the books.
01:12:10 We’re trying to get our minds around Archie #1 selling well North of $150,000!
01:19:19 We’re loving Elizabeth Hurley’s casting on Wonder Woman (but not sure how we feel about Cary Elwes).
01:26:39 Diane Lane is also making us happy as Ma Kent on the Superman reboot.
01:29:51 Thank you Marvel, from the bottom of our pocketbooks, for offering some digital Fear Itself freebies.
01:31:25 We think we might be getting more than just Selina Kyle in The Dark Knight Rises.

Closing Discussion
01:34:35 We announce our first public appearance!

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