• Buckaroo, Oregon

    Review: “Nailbiter, Vol. 1: There Will Be Blood”

    Are serial killers born defective or created from the circumstances of their lives? “Nailbiter” attempts to explore this age-old question and introduces the reader to the town…

  • gotham-ben-mckenzie-donal-logue

    Review: “Gotham”

    There are parts of the pilot for “Gotham” that just don’t work, from some overly stylized camerawork and set pieces or the shoehorning of some iconic characters into the…

  • Batman #251 - Page 24

    Flashback Issue Bin: “Batman” #251

    The story of “The Joker’s Five-Way Revenge” in 1973’s “Batman” #251 is an iconic tale (with a gorgeous and iconic cover) that would rescue the Joker…


    Review: “Saga, Vol. 02″

    In the second volume of “Saga”, alien testicles, relationships (of both the familial and romantic sort), war, politics, the supernatural, and other deep (and sometimes hysterically prurient)…


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