• Hawkeye Featured

    Review: Hawkeye, Vol. 01″

    Matt Fraction, David Aja, and Matt Hollingsworth’s “Hawkeye” is a special thing. Their book takes a B-List comic book character and proves that, even in a fantastic universe…

  • Sex Criminals Featured

    Review: “Sex Criminals, Vol. 01″

    Finding someone special can be a journey that too many of us sadly never complete. So finding someone with the same special gift to stop space and time post-orgasm would seem to…

  • hush_1

    Review: “Batman: Hush”

    A mysterious new villain. A cavalcade of old villains. A mystery that stumps even the world’s greatest detective. Family intrigue. Love of family. Blockbuster action. These…

  • THE-FLASH-First-Image__140228173750-575x383

    Review: “The Flash” (Pilot)

    The CW’s new “The Flash” embodies the same cheerful spirit of the best comic book adaptations, where the hero is strictly a good guy, albeit a tad hapless, and the villains…


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